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Painless Web Development

Play Framework is a core offering of the Typesafe Reactive Platform. It’s a web application framework, written in Scala and Java, that makes iterative, Reactive application development very simple. Play is a clean alternative to the legacy Enterprise Java stacks. It focuses on developer productivity, modern web and mobile applications, and predictable, minimal resource consumption (CPU, memory, threads) resulting in highly performant, highly scalable applications.

Fix the Bug and Hit Reload

Play compiles your Java and Scala sources directly and hot-reloads them into the JVM without the need to restart the server. You can then edit, reload and see your modifications immediately, just as in a LAMP or Rails environment. Play allows you to deliver software faster by providing first class support for the modern web, right out of the box.

Modern Web and Mobile

Play was built for needs of modern web and mobile applications, leveraging technologies such as REST, JSON, WebSockets, Comet and EventSource to name a few. These technologies allow creation of rich, highly interactive user interfaces rendered via any modern browser, while at the same time making it easier to render portions of the page in parallel, and to do partial page updates or progressive enhancements.

We've found that Play is one of the few frameworks that is able to maintain the delicate balance of performance, reliability, and developer productivity.
- LinkedIn

Support for Java and Scala

Play is a pure Java and Scala framework and allows you to keep your preferred development tools and libraries. If you already use Java or Scala as a development platform you don’t need to switch to another language, another IDE or other libraries - just switch to a more productive web framework!


To get started with Play, we recommend checking out the following resources:

Play Framework Code Samples & Tutorials

Reactive Stocks Activator Template

The Reactive Stocks application uses Java, Scala, Play Framework, and Akka to illustrate a reactive app. The tutorial in this example will teach you the reactive basics including Reactive Composition and Reactive Push.


Play Scala Intro Activator Template

An introduction to create a simple CRUD application with Play Scala


Play Java Intro Activator Template

An introduction to create a simple CRUD application with Play Java


Play 2.3 Highlights Activator Template

This template walks through the highlights of Play 2.3.


Play Framework Reading Materials

DZone Refcard for Play Framework

This is your essential Play Framework cheat sheet created by Ryan Knight. It covers routing requests, controllers, JSON, and more.


Play for Scala

Play for Scala teaches you to build Scala-based web applications using Play 2. It gets you going with a comprehensive overview example. It then explores each facet of a typical Play application by walking through sample code snippets and adding features to a running example.


Play for Java

Play for Java teaches you to build Java-based web applications using Play 2. This book starts with an overview example and then explores each facet of a typical application by discussing simple snippets as they are added to a larger example. Along the way, you'll contrast Play and JEE patterns and learn how a stateless web application can fit seamlessly in an enterprise Java environment. You'll also learn how to develop asynchronous and reactive web applications.


Play Framework Videos & Webinars

Introduction to Play Framework for Scala Developers

This 20-minute introduction by Markus Jura is a great way to covers the key concepts in Play Framework for Scala devs.


Introduction to Play Framework for Java Developers

This 20-minute introduction by Markus Jura is a great way to covers the key concepts in Play Framework for Java devs.


Optimizing Play for Production

Play Framework is easy to deploy and scale but like any system some optimizations can help things run more smoothly. This webinar will teach you the basics of deployment, configuring thread pools, managing blocking, and common performance pitfalls.


Play Framework Success Stories

20% Boost In Conversions - Walmart

At Walmart Canada, Typesafe enabled a full modernization to an message-driven architecture designed to handle more concurrent processes and users, and a deployment that had zero downtime for the giant's e-commerce store. As a result, Walmart Canada saw a 36% reduction in visitor page load times during a Black Friday that had a corresponding 98% increase in mobile orders and 20% boost in web conversions.


Understanding Individual and Team Productivity - LinkedIn

One of the strongest evangelists at discussing developer productivity is Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman, the former lead developer bringing the Play Framework and Scala to LinkedIn. The first part of this JaxConf video discusses how LinkedIn is using our technologies build front-end and back-end services at massive scale. Forward the video to 43:34 to hear his interesting take on developer productivity.


Faster Prototyping, Easing Implementation - New York Times

Engineers at The New York Times blogged about the back-end architecture approach it took to creating the company's new syndication system, Blackbeard. The company’s requirements included reducing wait time for "the application to be deployed", "faster idea prototyping", and "easier implementation of real-time features". The blog post describes in detail the company’s experiences with Play, Scala and Akka - the technologies they used to power Blackbeard.


One Year of Play in Production - Angie's List

More than 2 million households nationwide check Angie's List reviews to find the best local service providers, like roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, doctors and dentists. Software Architect Roger Deetz discusses lessons learned, challenges faced, and the fun Angie’s List had while transitioning their legacy architecture to Scala and the Play Framework in this 60-minute webinar.


Here are some additional ideas on how to get started:

Visit the Typesafe Resource Center or Go Typesafe
Read the full documentation
Visit the community website
Follow Play Framework on Twitter
Participate on Stack Overflow
Join the Mailing List
Contribute at GitHub


Ensure the Success of Your Play Framework Application

If you plan to develop a commercial application, your business could benefit from a relationship with Typesafe. The Typesafe Together annual subscription program is designed to mitigate risk and ensure the successful launch and operation of your application by delivering certified builds and amazing service throughout the entire project lifecycle—from prototyping to production.