October 23, 2014 - August 27, 2014

React 2014 in SF: Speakers, Discount Tickets and more!

October 17, 2014

Get ready for a meeting of the most prolific minds at the heart of the Reactive community. On November 18th, Typesafers Jonas Boner, Roland Kuhn, Ryan Knight and Dean Wampler will join Martin Thompson, Ben Christensen and other luminaries for the second React Conf. React is a  mixture of talksspeaker clinics and workshops that offer a an articulate and coherent journey through the reactive stack, trait by trait, UI to database.


Typesafe Activator, What *is* it? (and why should I care?)

A curious thing. At training events, hackathons and any chance I get I have started asking people what they think of Activator. There are a range of different answers, usually followed by questions once the subject has been broached.

The questions are varied, but over a large enough sample size, surprisingly consistent. It seems that Activator is a fairly misunderstood tool, and it’s not just me who noticed. This blog post will attempt to address those frequently asked questions and even if it doesn’t convince you that Activator is your new best friend, at least you might consider keeping it in your toolbox.


Announcing dbuild!

Today, we're pleased to announce the open source availability of dbuild, a tool we use within Typesafe to test Scala's ecosystem.  dbuild is a tool which can take a disparate set of projects and compile them against each other, ensuring that modifications to code in one project does not break code in another project.  dbuild was instrumental in the Scala 2.11 release, where it was used to compile and validate more than 70 open source projects, 1.2 million lines of Scala code and 120 thousand lines of Java code.  This helped ensure that our open source ecosystem would have a smooth transition from Scala 2.10 into the 2.11 series.


Reactive Manifesto 2.0

September 17, 2014

A little over a year ago, a group of us published the Reactive Manifesto as a way to address new requirements in application development and provide a common vocabulary to discuss complex concepts. To date, the Manifesto has received over 6,813 signatures and has sparked what I consider to be a healthy debate in our community about what the principles for modern application infrastructure might be.


Case Study: Why PredictionIO Loved Using Play to Build its Popular Machine Learning Server

We're really excited to share the work we've been doing with the team at PredictionIO, a popular open source Machine Learning server that developers use to create “predictive” features in web and mobile applications. Showcased as one of the featured machine learning products on GitHub, PredictionIO 
powers hundreds of applications for its community of more than 5,000 developers. That’s pretty amazing adoption for a product that’s less than two years old.


Q&A with Caoyuan Deng: Akka at Wandoujia

September 9, 2014

Today we're excited to post a Q&A with Caoyuan Deng, Platform Architect at Wandoujia, about Akka's role at one of China’s leading mobile entertainment search engines. 

In our interview, Caoyuan discusses how Akka was used to implement a real-time reactive platform, sings the praises of the Actor Model, and shares benefits and obstacles encountered along the way. He also shares feedback on future iniatives and improvements he'd like to see from Typesafe. 


Activator Template of the Month: Atomic Scala

September 8, 2014

As readers of the Typesafe newsletter may know, every month we promote an Activator template that embodies qualities we look for in tutorials and topics. This month’s activator template is a return to first principles of Activator as an experimentation and discovery tool. While the selection may be below your level, gentle reader, I will bet as an existing Scala developer, at least someone has asked you at some point how to go about learning Scala from the ground up, or even better, how to go about learning to program.


Typesafe Repository Maintenance this Weekend

September 5, 2014

Just a quick heads-up that on Sunday, some maintenance work will take place on the Typesafe repository hosted by our friends at JFrog. This is as a precursor to the removal of the typesafe-readonly repository which is going to be retired in a week or so, and in order to find out if anyone is still using that URL directly, the URL redirects are going to be disabled.


Webinar Series: Deep Dive into the Typesafe Reactive Platform

Are you interested in getting started with the Typesafe Reactive Platform but don’t know where to begin? Have you heard about Akka and Play Framework, but don’t know if either is right for your application needs? Join us for this three-part webinar series all about Activator, Play, Akka, and our surrounding ecosystem to better understand how all the pieces work together and start building reactive apps with confidence!


Akka Roadmap Update 2014

August 28, 2014

Since our last major release in March we have been working full steam ahead on Reactive Streams and Akka Streams, which forms the foundation onto which we are porting Spray as our new Akka HTTP module. This effort is making steady progress as witnessed by frequent milestone releases—the feedback from the community is invaluable while these exciting new technologies are taking shape. Our goal is to reach feature parity between our HTTP module and Spray by the end of October, including an implementation of Akka Streams that we consider ready for public review. We will then release these new modules for the 2.3.x series—as usual with the “experimental” marker—asking for wider testing and feedback, so that they can then be a proper part of the Akka 2.4.0 release early next year.


Akka Streams at Elder Research: Q&A with Simeon Fitch

At Typesafe, we’re incredibly excited about the work being done around the Reactive Streams and Akka Streams projects. The Akka team is addressing major challenges we’ve been seeing from developers working with streaming data, and they’re making major headway resolving back pressure issues.  

It’s always nice to hear about real-life implementations of these projects, so we’d like to share a recent interview with Simeon Fitch, Director of Software Architecture at Elder Research, Inc. Simeon used Akka Streams to handle I/O bottlenecks in his text processing engine. In our Q&A, Simeon outlines how he ported over his existing actor system to akka-streams, hurdles he encountered along the way, and, best of all, results!