Typesafe has an expanding set of well-qualified partners who can offer training on Play Framework, Akka, Scala and the Typesafe Platform.

In conjunction with Typesafe, these partners offer a broad range of services such as training, agile development, scrum methodologies or full project development. They are well positioned to advise you on how to integrate Play Framework, Akka, and Scala into your software development mix.

Premier Partners

  • BoldRadius Solutions

    Ottawa & San Francisco

    BoldRadius offers the official Typesafe Scala, Akka and Play trainings for developers, systems administrators, and technical managers. Take advantage of the expressive power of these revolutionary technologies with training built by the organization synonymous with the popular Scala technology platform.

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Select Partners


    Milan, Treviso

    DATABIZ is a System Integration and IT/Business Consulting firm based in Italy with branches in Milan and Treviso. We design and build end-to-end solutions with strong attitude to innovation and partnership. We provide valuable solutions to our customers by combining deep knowledge of business processes with technology skills and proven User eXperience know-how.

    DATABIZ fully embraces the Reactive Manifesto and have specialized in Scala and the Typesafe Reactive Platform in order to enable the evolution of modern and JVM based Reactive Enterprise Applications.

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Community Partners

  • Chariot Solutions

    Fort Washington

    Chariot Solutions specializes in Java, Scala and open source technologies, with the strongest on-staff team of senior Java architects in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their services are centered around application development and systems integration, with a focus on lightweight frameworks and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). They also provide Scala training courses.

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  • eBusiness Information


    eBusiness Information, member of the Excilys Group, is one of France's leading providers of JEE & Androidresources thanks to an operating model based on technical excellence. Since 2011, eBusiness has sponsored the Gatling tool open source project built with Scala & Akka and has encountered well recognized success. Their JEE background along with a Scala based open source project positions them well to help companies take advantage of the benefits of functional programming within a JEE environment.

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  • Escalate Software

    Bay Area, California

    Escalate Software specializes in Scala training and consulting. Bill Venners is author of Scalatest and co-author/publisher of the Programming in Scala book, Dick Wall is author of Subcut and a member of the Scalawags podcast, and together we have over a decade of practical experience of programming in Scala. Our training is highly exercise oriented, with a short cycle time between theory and practice to keep things interesting. We also offer mentoring, and short and long term consulting support including anything from kick-starting your Scala project to major feature development.

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  • ICONO Training Consulting


    ICONO Training Consulting offers a comprehensive and high quality IT Consulting, Training and Coaching Services portfolio.

    Our technical expertise (Typesafe Reactive Platform, Java, Unix, Linux, etc..) combined with our innovative business approach and Talent Management programs brings unique solutions to our customers that accelerate changes, and increase business efficiency.

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  • innoQ

    Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich

    innoQ is a technology consultancy with offices in Germany and Switzerland, providing high-level consulting, development and training services. We combine pragmatic and lightweight technologies with sound architectural practices. We are experienced in implementing Akka and Play projects with both Java and Scala. innoQ also provides public and in-house training to enable our clients to sustainably use the Typesafe stack.

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  • Lunatech


    Lunatech, founded in 1993, has a long track record of software development projects that deliver complex business systems for large organizations. Lunatech achieves this by maintaining expert skills in advanced open-source software stacks based on Java and Scala, and using these skills and technologies for effective application development. Lunatech’s Play Framework experts have been using Play for advanced web application development since 2010, and currently provide Play consultancy alongside Lunatech’s own development projects. Lunatech can also provide Typesafe’s Play training as a private on-site course for a single development team.

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  • NewCircle

    San Francisco

    NewCircle is an experienced team of developers, instructors, and open source enthusiasts. Their mission is to educate the world in open source development. They do this through delivering professional training to people and organizations worldwide, as well as through publishing tons of free, educational content on open source development.

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  • NextLab


    NextLab is a Belgian company that delivers consultancy and support in Geospatial and Open Source softwares for large organizations and/or governmental structures. Throughout projects involving distributed systems, big geospatial data management or training, NextLab introduces cutting edge technologies into "Enterprise-like" companies. NextLab provides training on the TypeSafe Platform.

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  • Reaktor


    Reaktor is a software house. They work with customers who see IT as a vital part of their business. They are known for their expertise and for being fun to work with. Lately Reaktor has introduced Scala into several projects successfully. While their clients often ask for Java, Reaktor helps clients understand the benefits of using Scala instead.

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  • Skills Matter

    New York & London

    Skills Matter supports a community of 35,000 Software Professionals with the learning and sharing of skills to write better software. They organize hundreds of Meetups, talks, conferences, SkillsCasts and workshops. They also provide regular and advanced Scala training courses.

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  • SpringPeople


    The SpringPeople delivery team consists of leading innovators and some very senior technical consultants who are IT industry veterans, with each having over a decade of design and development experience. Such high technical expertise along with professional management has made SpringPeople a brand trusted by organizations for all their education needs - always rated 9+ out of 10 by the participants and training/education managers.

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  • ti&m


    ti&m, with over 110 people, is one of the leading Swiss companies in the field of IT consulting and IT services. Since their inception in February 2005, they have focused on recognizing innovations in computer science at an early stage, to make them accessible and a critical success factor for their customers. They provide regular Scala training courses.

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  • Trainologic


    Trainologic is a group of exceptional experts improving and expanding engineering skills of developers. Trainologic supplies wall-to-wall solutions that include consulting, training and development services (on and offsite) in the fields of Java, Scala, PHP and NoSQL.

    Trainologic's team possesses accumulated experience of tens of years in software development, architectural design and project management and boasts an outstanding track record of providing technical services to over 100 companies in the Israeli market in recent years, ranging from large enterprises to small start-ups. Clients include companies such as: Amdocs, HP, CheckPoint, ECI, AT&T, Bank Hapoalim, EMC, BorderFree, RSA, Cisco, Comverse, SAP and more...

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  • trivadis


    Trivadis is a market leader in the fields of IT consulting, system integration, solution engineering and provision of IT services focusing on Oracle and Microsoft technologies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We are committed to creating and sustainably ensuring corporate added value from data and information for the financial benefit of your company. We regard our mission as being the strategic and technologic support of your business through the use of IT solutions, thus making your company even more successful. And all this with a holistic approach.

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  • Xebia

    Amsterdam & Paris

    Xebia has over 200 professionals who perform large-scale development projects, consultancy in architecture & auditing and help bring your middleware under control. Guiding clients in how to leverage Agile is Xebia's passion. Xebia provides regular Scala training courses and Scala consulting.

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  • Xplore Group


    Xplore Group, member of the Cronos group, is Belgium's Leading Java and Scala Professional Services company. We are focusing, since 1997, on the development and implementation of advanced distributed systems based on Java & JEE, Scala and Spring technologies.

    Xplore Group has vast and proven experience in open source software in Java and Scala including all major products and frameworks: Akka, Play, JBoss, Tomcat, Hibernate, Spring and many others.

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