Typesafe Reactive Platform


sbt is a build tool that provides developers with a high productivity work environment

Get Started

The highly reactive build tool!

sbt is a build tool focused on providing the best development experience possible. It offers a highly interactive style of development, with customizable build tasks and "execute-on-change" features that allow you to simply focus on writing your code.

Just run:

sbt ~test

and start coding! Test failures will show up in sbt's console automatically as your code is saved.

sbt can be used to compile Java and Scala code, run tests, package JAR’s and WAR’s, and even execute code directly in the Scala interpreter. Builds are written in a Scala-based syntax, with a mix of declarative and imperative features. sbt is inherently parallel, and automatically executes your build tasks across multiple cores. sbt also manages dependencies, leveraging existing Maven or Ivy package repositories.

sbt is the default build tool for the Play Framework and Typesafe Activator, and was created by Typesafe Engineer, Mark Harrah.