Consulting Partners

Typesafe has an expanding set of well-qualified partners who can offer consulting on Play Framework, Akka, Scala and the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

In conjunction with Typesafe, these partners offer a broad range of services such as training, agile development, scrum methodologies or full project development. They are well positioned to advise you on how to integrate Play Framework, Akka, and Scala into your software development mix.

  • 47 Degrees

    Seattle & Cadiz

    47 Degrees is a global consulting firm and certified Typesafe Partner specializing in Scala, Akka, Spray and Play Framework. Whether you’re looking for scalable, reactive consulting solutions or a partner to help you conceptualize, design, and deliver on full-scale projects, our experienced team of functional programmers will help you take your business to the next level—with an eye on what’s to come.

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  • BoldRadius Solutions

    Ottawa & San Francisco

    Many of our clients look to us to provide strategic consulting on the entire product management cycle. This includes everything from aligning product features to market strategy, to creating IT governance frameworks, to selecting the right infrastructure and software development frameworks. Whatever your business goals are, we can help advise you on the right path to take to find success.

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  • Cake Solutions

    Oxford & Manchester

    Cake Solutions is one of the UK's leading providers of open source enterprise level software services. Cake specializes, and are considered experts in, the J2EE/Spring world as well as functional programming with Play Framework, Akka, and Scala. Cakes J2EE/Spring background makes them well placed to help companies take advantage of the benefits of functional programming within their J2EE/Spring environment.

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  • Chariot Solutions

    Fort Washington

    Chariot Solutions specializes in Java, Scala and open source technologies, with the strongest on-staff team of senior Java architects in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their services are centered around application development and systems integration, with a focus on lightweight frameworks and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). They also provide Scala training courses.

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  • CodeReactive


    CodeReactive is a software engineering consulting firm focused on building reactive applications, which are scalable, resilient, responsive and event-driven. We specialize in developing for the JVM platform, using Scala and Java programming languages, as well as technologies such as Akka, Play and RxJava. We are experts in implementing modern APIs, web services and microservices. Our technical skills also include solving large-scale data processing and analytics problems, using frameworks such as Spark and Hadoop. In addition to consulting, we offer training services in Scala.

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  • Credera

    Dallas, Houston & Denver

    Credera is a full-service management consulting, user experience, and technology solutions firm. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging industry leaders. We provide expert, objective advice to achieve industry-changing business and technology vision. Our deep capabilities in strategy, organization, process, analytics, and technology help our clients improve their performance. Clients depend on our ability to anticipate, recognize, and address their specific needs. Founded in 1999, Credera is headquartered in Dallas, TX and hosts offices in Houston and Denver.

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    Milan, Treviso

    DATABIZ is a System Integration and IT/Business Consulting firm based in Italy with branches in Milan and Treviso. We design and build end-to-end solutions with strong attitude to innovation and partnership. We provide valuable solutions to our customers by combining deep knowledge of business processes with technology skills and proven User eXperience know-how.

    DATABIZ fully embraces the Reactive Manifesto and have specialized in Scala and the Typesafe Reactive Platform in order to enable the evolution of modern and JVM based Reactive Enterprise Applications.

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  • Gecko Solutions


    Gecko Solutions was founded in July 2010 with the mission to provide premier software development solutions that leverage the leading technologies seen in the IT industry. Our service offerings span all of the phases of the software development lifecycle. We specialize in the Typesafe Reactive Platform consisting of Play Framework, Akka and Scala.

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  • innoQ

    Dusseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich

    innoQ is a technology consultancy, focusing on software architecture with an explicit specialization in service-oriented architecture (SOA) using Web services and REST, and lightweight software development methods using Java, Ruby and other technologies. With knowledge gained in many Fortune 500 software projects in various industries, innoQ offers both high level and strategic consulting as well as architectural guidance and advanced development capabilities.

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  • InTech


    Founded in 1995, InTech is an IT consulting company based in Luxembourg. We develop custom software using state of the art technologies, tools, languages and platforms. Our goal is to deliver the best applications to make our clients excelling in their business. We help them integrate the latest proven technologies without compromising existing assets.

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  • Knoldus

    New Delhi

    Knoldus Software is deemed an expert in outsourced Agile Scala software solutions since early 2009. A talented blend of seasoned software developers, consultants, trainers and senior business executives, Knoldus understands how business works and how technology drives it forward. Within an Agile environment, we assess your business objectives, quickly create innovative architecture, rapidly develop and deploy software, consistently test quality and launch robust, scalable technology solutions to take your business further. We have a proven record of successfully serving a range of Fortune 1000 companies to start-ups in the U.S., U.K., South America, Europe and Asia.

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  • Lunatech


    Lunatech, founded in 1993, has a long track record of software development projects that deliver complex business systems for large organizations. Lunatech achieves this by maintaining expert skills in advanced open-source software stacks based on Java and Scala, and using these skills and technologies for effective application development. Lunatech’s Play Framework experts have been using Play for advanced web application development since 2010, and currently provide Play consultancy alongside Lunatech’s own development projects. Lunatech can also provide Typesafe’s Play training as a private on-site course for a single development team.

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  • Nologin


    Nologin Consulting S.L. was created in 2000 in Zaragoza, Spain with the aim to promote use of new technologies in the community. Initially, Nologin specialized in Sun Microsystems products and technologies, which allowed for growth from the beginning, enabling them to work with hundreds of companies in all industries (public institutions and private corporations both in Spain and abroad). Nologin’s development and growth is apparent in the spectrum of technologies they work with, and services they provide as well as the subsidiaries opened in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and USA. The personal touch and quality of service are the main differentiation points valued by our customers.

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  • Nurun


    Nurun is a global design and technology consultancy that works with some of the world’s most innovative companies. We create products and services for the connected world through a combination of human insight, new technology and smart thinking. Clients include Adidas, BBVA, Bouygues Telecom, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, General Electric, Google, The Home Depot, Tesla Motors, Sony, and Walmart.

    Headquartered in Montréal and with 12 offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, Nurun has multidisciplinary teams of more than 1,200 anthropologists, designers, strategists, and software engineers. Nurun is a wholly owned subsidiary of Québecor Média Inc., one of Canada’s largest telecommunications and media providers.

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  • Originate

    San Francisco

    Originate partners with forward-looking enterprises and high growth startups to design, build, and invest in ambitious software products and companies. Our designers, developers, and product strategists design and build modern mobile, web, and data-driven software in iOS, Android, Ruby, Scala, Node.js, Javascript, and other scalable technologies.

    To fully align partners and employees, Originate passes through 20% of the upside it earns in each partnership to the employees that contributed to the success.

    Founded in 2007, Originate has nine global offices in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Stockholm, and Hangzhou, China.

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  • QCentic


    QCentic is quality driven and solution focused. We provide both architectural consulting as well as software development services, and can provide support at any phase of the software development lifecycle. We believe that building quality software requires modern, agile software engineering concepts and a robust technology stack such as The Typesafe Reactive Platform, consisting of Play Framework, Akka and Scala. Furthermore, the aforementioned concepts and tools makes software development more efficient and cost effective by reducing the number of resources required and reducing time to market.

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  • S4N

    Bogotá, Medellín & Atlanta

    S4N is the Colombian leader in innovative services for software development and architecture. Since 2008, we have joined efforts with our clients to deliver software products under agile and lean principles. In recent years, S4N has delivered mission critical products based on distrbuted system architectures and JVM based technologies.

    Nowadays we build Reactive applications for our clients guiding and supporting them in the transition between traditional to Reactive paradigms.

    With delivery centers in Bogotá and Medellín and with a business development office in Atlanta, our clients range from NYC based start-ups to top financial institutions in Latin America.

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  • >ScalaC


    Founded in January 2014 >ScalaC is team of young and dynamic developers from east-central Europe. We love making our customers happy by providing highest quality software and maintaining friendly business culture. At ScalaC soft skills are valued as high as technical ones so working with our team is pure pleasure. We contribute to open source projects and attend tech conferences. Beyond Scala we work on wearable tech and mobile apps building innovative and fun solutions like mobile games and robots.

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  • SoftwareMill


    Since 2009, SoftwareMill has provided lean development to a host of clients, ranging from startups to big corporations from the US, Australia, South Africa and Europe. We believe that small, cross-functional and focused teams build great software. We take care of the whole product development process, starting from analysis, gathering requirements, through development to end-user testing and deployment. SoftwareMill uses Scala, Akka and Spray to deliver high-quality, high-performance, event-driven and resilient systems.

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  • Strong[Typed]


    Founded by the earliest Scala adopters in Belgium, Strong[Typed] brings together a team of highly skilled and experienced Scala consultants.

    We are specialized in developing applications based on Scala and the Reactive Programming principles. We build high quality projects for our customers and help their teams in getting up to speed with Scala and Reactive Programming through workshops and coaching sessions.

    At Strong[Typed], we believe in simplicity and technical excellence. We are pioneers of modern software development. Using statically typed languages and expressive code we build robust, error free and easy to maintain applications.

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  • Trivento


    Trivento drives business innovation through the development and implementation of state of the art, enterprise web applications.

    As Trivento we believe that social media and cross platform technologies makes customers, partners and co-workers more and more powerful and demanding. Organizations need to invest in modern technology in order to build a consistent customer experience and connect with their customers. This requires a real shift and a need for enterprise web applications that are truly able to react to data, increase customer service and improve sales performance.

    We strongly believe that reactive applications are the new way to shape the future. Therefore, our goal as Trivento is to be the Dutch technology leader in Akka, Scala and AngularJS. Meet Trivento and be part of the Connected People Experience!

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  • Underscore


    _.underscore is a team of expert Scala consultants, trainers, and developers, based in London, UK. We help our clients deliver successful software projects using Scala and its rich ecosystem of excellent libraries.

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  • VirtusLab


    VirtusLab specializes in development of high quality, bespoke business software that takes full advantage of the Typesafe Reactive Platform and open source technologies. A mix of professional and research experience allows the team to take on groundbreaking R&D projects, software development outsourcing and agile consulting. Additionally VirtusLab is a staunch supporter of Scala in Poland by supporting the Krakow Scala User Group and ScalaCamp - a periodic meeting that not only discusses the technology, but covers the business aspects of software development by discussing real-life use-cases of the language and related technologies.

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    Founded by-ex startup founders in SF, VNGRS knows what is required to build a living product. VNGRS is a product company in disguise for its customers; building dedicated, long-term agile teams that product companies can manage directly. VNGRS have solid experience in building teams for complex solutions and full stack web applications like recommendation engines, machine learning systems, data mining & big data applications and SaaS/PaaS platforms. VNGRS is located in Istanbul and mainly works with NY based companies. VNGRS is the right partner if you are building a product and looking to expand your team with Scala experts.

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  • Xebia

    Amsterdam & Paris

    Xebia has over 200 professionals who perform large-scale development projects, consultancy in architecture & auditing and help bring your middleware under control. Guiding clients in how to leverage Agile is Xebia's passion. Xebia provides regular Scala training courses and Scala consulting.

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  • Zengularity


    Zengularity is a leading French company specializing in Web Oriented Architecture. Zengularity's mission is to help major companies transform their information system into WOA and boost Web startups in the implementation of their innovative ideas. Zengularity invests much in applied research, leading to internationally recognized projects like the Play Framework.

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  • Zühlke

    UK, Germany & Switzerland

    Zühlke develops innovative products and customised software solutions. Our range of services includes consulting, development and integration and is based on the experience of more than 8,000 customer projects.

    As an independent partner, Zühlke brings ideas to market and helps companies achieve success. We combine the strengths and goals of Zühlke clients with our implementation skills in three interconnected areas: product and software engineering, management consulting and start-up financing. The benefits of working with Zühlke are increased innovation, productivity and growth.

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